Live online training from WSO2 – Apache Rampart

you can register for the training here.

Course Summary:

Apache Rampart is an Axis2 module that supports various service security standards. This 3-hour course is designed to give an overview on Web services security for an audience who is new to this area.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand WS-Security concepts
  • Learn how to use Apache Rampart to meet different security requirements


  • 3 hours


  • Beginners with a basic knowledge of XML and SOAP.


  • None.


  • XML-Signature
  • XML Encryption
  • WS-Security
    • UsernameToken authentication
    • Encryption
    • Signature
  • Secure multiple messages with WS-Secure Conversation and WS-Trust
  • WS-Security Policy
  • Apache Implementations – WSS4J and Rampart
    • Introduction to Apache WSS4J architecture
    • Introduction to Apache Rampart architecture
  • Demonstration
    • Different configuration approaches of Apache Rampart (Here we will explore all samples of the standard Apache Rampart release)
    • Setting up clients and services with parameter based and policy based configurations.
    • Securing services and clients using both dynamic and static configuration approaches.

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